Offensive Combat

U4ia Games – Lead Designer (6/2011 to 10/2013)

As the first employee of the U4ia Games in June of 2011, I authored and managed the design of Offensive Combat from the very beginning.  I have guided the overall vision of the game since then from napkin design sketches and ideas all the way to Open Beta 2.0, the current live build.

I was heavily involved with the design for all game mechanics, including weapon balance, player mechanics, economy, player progression, and use experience.  Additionally, I was responsible for the design and implementation of various builds deployed internationally with our global partners.  This included visiting and planning with those teams, as well as managing all the data sheets for the games.

My responsibilities also included helping to market and promote Offensive Combat, which resulted in lot of global travel over the past two years.  I was also part of a regular U4ia Twitch stream, the video archive of which can be found here.

I also collaborated with the art team on producing multiplayer maps, which included creating and handing off functional, gameplay vetted whiteboxes to the team.  You can see two examples of my level design below.