Unannounced Project

Wargaming Seattle – Lead Level Designer / Lead Modes Designer / Lead UX Designer (1/2014 to present)

I’ve been working on an unannounced project at Wargaming Seattle for over four years now.  During that time I’ve worn a lot of different hats.  Over the course of 4.5 years I’ve been the lead level designer, the lead modes designer, and am now the lead UX designer on the project.

  • For all three roles, I’ve been a key stakeholder in the overall design vision of the project.
  • Those roles have included a wide variety of responsibilities, such as:
    • Authoring design docs
    • Mocking up interactive wireframes
    • Shepherding designs through to implementation
    • Collaborating studio-wide to make sure UX designs support specific needs
    • Managing external UX testing
    • Working closely with the Metagame team to ensure UX designs feed directly into progression and retention
    • Creating the initial design of the new player experience
    • Developing process guidelines for the level design team to help unify content production and codify
      gameplay support rules
    • Guiding the level and modes game design vision from concept to production
    • Creating processes to manage feedback from internal and external sources
    • Traveling to interface with global WG devs and partners to work closely with them to help bring the project
      to life
    • Hiring, mentoring, and supervising design teams